How Can You Attract Visitors to Your Website When Cookies aren’t an Option?

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Like many businesses, you’ve probably made a new website to provide your existing and prospective clients with a better insight into who you are and how you can help. Sadly, launching a website and having it live on the world wide web isn’t enough and, without a strategy in place, it can sit there for a length of time and still gain zero views.

Let us dig a little deeper into what you may need to do to increase visitors to your website and enjoy more success as a result.

What are cookies?

Cookies… other than a delicious sweet treat, what else are they?

When you visit a website, you are notified that ‘cookies’ are being used. When you click ‘accept’, a cookie file is saved onto your phone, PC or tablet. As a result of this, your device stores the website’s name from your ‘session’ online and provides a unique ID that represents you as a user. As a whole, this means that companies can tailor their website to the needs of their audience from this backend information, because they know some information about what you search. Now, what can you do if cookies just aren’t an option right now? Well, let’s explore.

Search engine optimisation

SEO (search engine optimisation) is a great way to increase traffic to your website, but it’s not without significant effort. Before we dive into our list of the best SEO tools, it’s important to have an understanding of how quickly you can expect to see results from your SEO efforts. SEO is hard to grasp and takes much effort to maintain.

You need to know about search engines and the algorithms they use to rank pages, as well as staying on top of the regular changes to said algorithms. To run a successful SEO campaign, you need to create content that is optimised for your target keywords, secure backlinks from high-authority sites, and make sure that your site’s architecture supports a quality user experience. Though it can take anywhere from 3–6 months to see results from your SEO efforts, starting sooner rather than later will increase traffic to your website.

Influencer marketing

All the rage in 2020, influencer marketing is a fantastic way to get more users onto your website when cookies aren’t an option. In particular, Instagram influencers have taken the world by storm and many businesses have opted for their help. Though it may cost you, an influential Instagram user can send traffic directly to your website simply through providing a business shout-out in one of their posts or on their Instagram story. Instagram influencer marketing is a $1.7 billion dollar industry and there’s much success to be enjoyed if you enlist the help of the right influencer marketing company.

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