Figure out enough of the nuts and bolts of building for the web and eventually, you can comfortably call yourself a web designer. But not everybody is cut out to be a UX (User Experience) designer. UX design is a buzz-term for web design, incorporating traditional page-building with an expanded focus on optimizing all aspects of how users interact with your site or mobile app.

As simple as that may seem, there’s quite a bit to learn in this burgeoning field. This five course bundle will help you master all aspects of UX design for just $34 (94% off).

The courses include:

  • User Experience by the Numbers: Which stats lead to a top-notch web experience? This course breaks down the important figures in evaluating what works…and what doesn’t.
  • Optimize Your Digital Products with User Testing: Design and utilize proper tests and testing techniques for gauging user experiences.
  • Put Your Customers First: Be a UX Champion Course: Learn and master definitions, benchmarks, personas and other elements for bringing a website to life.
  • Build Habit-Forming Products Course: Wanna get users hooked on your site? Take in some prime tactics for creating an addictive product.
  • User Experience Design Fundamentals Course: Understand what keeps users digging into your site.

In all, you get 28 hours of UX Design content at a heavy discount. Interested? Head to the store and check it out.

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